Greetings, North Liberty Mayor, Council, State Legislators, Newspapers and others—

Please forward this post to all Planning and Zoning Commission members.  Thank you very much. 

Gun free zones in Iowa City and Johnson County remain areas of mass killers’ delight.   Not so for North Liberty.  Not yet anyway.

No one at the 11-24-15 North Liberty council meeting spoke in favor of banning gun rights.  However one woman at the meeting appeared on KCRG TV-9 news saying in English, not German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Radical Muslim, she “would feel safer if there were no guns”, which smacks of banning both guns and gun rights. 

Addressees of this post are requested to forward this post to her and her ilk at the library, for their comments. 

She insulted patriot American war veterans who used guns--patriots who willingly made them--and patriots who willingly paid for them—to give her the freedom to speak unpatriotic, insulting things—in English. 

She has appparently taken upon herself, and was featured on KCRG TV-9, to deny the above patriots their constitutional gun rights.   What will she do when a radical Muslim breaks into her house and threatens her or throws her out?   Will she call the police who use guns?  Or will she call the gun rights banning KCRG or Gazette or other banners for help?   How many veterans are on their editorial or news staffs?   How many wounded veterans are there?  How many are on the North Liberty council?

Military veterans willingly stepped forward, raised their right hands and said I DO, and gave up nearly all their civilian freedoms to follow all military orders and rules to patriotically serve their country—including the woman who wants to ban their gun rights.  They willingly packed all their personal belongings in duffle bags or back packs and traveled wherever and did whatever ordered—and were willingly supported by other patriots.  And there were gold stars in house windows when its occupants were killed in action. 

The woman, and other gun rights banners, should bow their heads, apologize and ask such patriots for forgiveness.        

Times have deteriorated to the point people can’t rely on police for protection.  They must protect themselves.  Those willing and able to do so should not be impeded, especially the military veterans and the patriots who supported them through very tough times!!!


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