Greetings, Governor Branstad and all—

The Cedar Rapids Gazette interviewer and editorial board failed to recognize the magnitude of what UI president Harreld revealed during his 10-30-15 Gazette interview, carried at the top of the 11-1-15 front page.  The biased  interviewer remained fixated on her Harreld, a business executive with no academic leadership background” mantra and the accompanying video camera focused on the bottom of Harreld’s shoe!!  That negatively biased mindset is why the Gazette completely missed the profoundness of this Harreld statement. 

'One of the things I will fight for is to make sure we are on a national level here and we are going to continue to stay on a national level,' he said.

Harreld now knows UI is at about 60% of the national level, all things considered.   And it is very reasonable to assume he will not be satisfied with raising UI to the bottom of the national university level.  Not at all. He wants UI to excel at that level.  It is his overall performance metric for himself and the university.

This is very exciting stuff for UI grads, their parents, UI donors  and faculty.   Grads will get more and better job offers, parents and donors will get much greater satisfaction and faculty will gain the thrill and recognition for superior performance.   All this will be achieved at a most competitive, affordable, Midwest state cost level—and the Gazette missed it.  Stay tuned for numbers.

Obstacles to progress are the Gazette, some recalcitrant UI profs, students and their related organizations, politicians defending the status quo and K-12 schools failing to graduate students capable of meeting national university level entrance requirements. 

You won’t hear him using money as an excuse for anything!!  And you know he will rebel at UI faculty teaching remedial classes to compensate for existing poor K-12 teaching.  He will also rebel at UI faculty failing to teach students, enrolled to become K-12 teachers, how to effectively teach reading, science and math. 

The Board of Regents did Iowan’s a huge favor by hiring Harreld.   Iowans in return must actively support him as he takes on and defeats all obstacles to progress. 

Iowalive is excited to evaluate and report Harreld’s and UI’s progress towards UI achieving the national university level--starting from 60% there!!



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