Greetings, DOT Director Mark Lowe, Roby Smith & Gary Carlson, Chairs of Legislative Transportation Committees, and all—

Cedar Rapids and a few other cities are exceptionally stubborn in their use of traffic cameras on highways.  They claim their use is for safety purposes only.  If that is true, then they should like for you to take action to further increase safety and reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities on Iowa highways.   Here is how to do it.

Have cities using traffic cameras on state highways, pay the DOT to install and maintain appropriate, large, flashing light, warning signs to effectively warn drivers of traffic camera use in the next  (number of miles) cameras are in use.   Such signs would reduce speeding, accidents, injuries and fatalities to at least 10% less than traffic cameras alone.  You can prove it by conducting trial sign tests. 

If the cities do not agree, they get no highway traffic cameras as they obviously care more about money than safety.  Others who disagree are disingenuous as well.

Just as bad, Mayor Corbett and his pals in Cedar Rapids city hall were taken to the cleaners in the disastrous deal they reached with camera vendor Gatso USA.   It was heads Gatso won and tails Corbett et. al. lost. 

The Gazette reported, “City revenues took a hit, declining about 27 percent from $4.7 million in fiscal 2015 to $3.4 million in fiscal 2016.

But Gatso USA, which is based in Beverly, Mass., saw an increase.

City payments to Gatso increased about 8 percent from $2.1 million in fiscal 2015 to $2.3 million in fiscal 2016, the data showed.” 


And Corbett wants to make similarly bad deals as governor.



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