The following chart shows the Iowa average, total cost per  K-12  student is out of control.   It is expected to be worse for school year ending in '09, when total cost per student is expected to reach at least $14,000..   The cost includes all K-12 education revenues from federal, state and local sources, and  from the best sources available.  According to a DE official, the best numbers provided by the DE do not include "some intermediate and local revenues such as fees, tuition, debt service and other sources".  As a result, Iowalive had to evaluate and determine the additional revenue from these sources,  which increased the DE numbers by about 3%. 

No one knows for sure how much Iowa public schools are actually spending per student, and educrats and the teacher's union don't really care, as they want more and more money--no matter what.   The numbers shown in the chart are the best available!!  The cost per student is obtained as the ratio of total revenue divided by total number of K-12 students, which we are told does NOT include home schooled  or private school students!   

Even worse, approximately 41% of Iowa students are now scoring at, or worse than, 1 full grade below enrolled grade level.  More and more schools are getting on the NCLB In Need of Assistance list.   Iowa public school failure is now recognized and admitted by Des Moines Register editors.