Here is a likely secenario. 

Republicans have consistently and repeatedly complained of Hillary Cllinton getting speical treatment and avoiding indictments for email and foundation issues.   It's as if it never occurred to them that Obama  wants Joe Biden to be the next president--not Hillary.  So they are running, not walking, into the trap of Hillary being indicted and proving them terribly wrong--again!!!

So how does Obama dump Hillary without he or Loretta Lynch getting blamed for it, by loyal Clinton democrats?   Bill Clinton provided the answer when he 'secretly' boarded Lynch's plane in Phoenix.  And, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that Bill Clinton has friends in the Department of Justice who could tell him about how the FBI investigation of Hillary is going. 

They must have told him it wasn't  going well so he was desperate to take the risk and meet with Lynch.  Here is the rest of the likely scenario.

1.     Desperate Bill arranged a secret airport/airplane meeting with Lynch, and walked right into the trap

2.     Phoenix media reporters were tipped off and caught him in the act.

3.     The resultant scandal gives Lynch cover to turn the indictment over to 'nonpartisan' Department of Justice bureaucrats, out of her hands, so she or Obama can't be blamed for it.  But Bill can, and will be blamed for making such a foolish, brazen mistake.  Did Hillary know about it?

4.      Hillary is indicted, drops out of the race and releases all her delegates to Biden, to obtain a pardon--and further let Obama off the hook for her indictment.

5.      Super delegates all vote for Biden, who becomes the nominee 

6.     Sanders doesn’t scream too loudly due to the deal he made with Obama at their secret meeting in the White House.

7.     Obama suddenly develops a health issue that results in Biden assuming the presidency. 

8.     Biden runs against Trump, as the sitting president.

9.     Republicans look like fools for falsely screaming about Hillary getting special Department of Justice treatment.

10.   Obama suddenly recovers from his health issue.

11.   The liberal media rejoices and increases its biased reporting.


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