Greetings, Iowa Board of Regents and all—


The misguided American Association of University Professors (AAUP) sanction of the University of Iowa (UI) proves you broke the good old boy chain for hiring good old boy university presidents.   The good old boy search teams typically find good old boy candidates the good old boys at the universities like—under the heading of shared governance, the AAUP whines about,  of course.   

But Bruce Harreld slipped through the AAUP's good old boy fortress.  He broke their chain of control—big time!!

 To his credit, UI president Bruce Harreld is not accepted by the good old boys and their ilk--especially the Daily Iowan.  He welcomes competition.   As a result, here is why the regents will have much better candidates to choose from for the next UNI president.

1.    The good old  university boys are mad as hell at the regents for hiring non-good old boy Bruce Harreld

2.    The good old boy search teams will likely boycott the regents—or thwart them if given the chance

3.    The good old boy candidates will fear submitting their names to the UNI president search team for fear of career long retaliation by the good old boys.

4.     Exceptionally capable candidates, habitually rejected by the good old boys, will recognize the good old boy’s loss of power and will apply for the UNI job.

a.    This especially includes candidates such as Bruce Harreld--who welcomes competition!

5.    The bottom line—AAUP lost its terrible strangle hold on the Iowa regents and the university president hiring process!!

Regent President Pro Tem Katie Mulholland said it best as she thoghtfully explained the regents’ decision to hire Harreld.  “We honor the shared governance of the university faculty,” she said. “But shared governance is really different from shared decision-making.”

The good old boy UI inmates have lost control of the institution and are mad as hell.   

UI customer students and taxpayers are the beneficiaries.   Substantial competition between Iowa’s 3  universities is coming.  Competition drives performance improvement, 24-7

How unique is that??!!

HOO RAY for board of regent’s progress!!


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