Those of you who listened to WHO Radio's Mickelson In The Morning Program on 10-31-11 heard some Cedar Rapids residents report flood corruption and cover-up in the city, once known as the Parlor City.  Those of you who missed it, can find it linked on website http://www.mickelson.libsyn.com/ where it can be direct downloaded for listening, later in the day. 

In addition, a flow chart showing the corrupted money trail will be posted there as soon as it is available!!

The Cedar Rapids residents reported Liz Mathis, now running for the Iowa Senate18 seat,  was the hired spokesperson for the non-profit that was skimming flood recovery money.   Liz reportedly told the residents to go away, they didn't have a legitimate complaint against the heavily involved Four Oaks Inc. non-profit--whose income is at least $25 million annually!!   Where did it get all that money, is a good question for a state auditor to answer.   

To add insult to injury, the residents had to drive to Des Moines to get someone to listen to them talk about flood recovery corruption in Cedar Rapids.   The Chamber of Commerce runs Cedar Rapids and it doesn't want to hear any talk about corruption in Cedar Rapids.  Any media doing so is subject to loss of advertisers.  It is expected the Cedar Rapids media will bow to the Chamber and now try to downplay what the residents reported.   As a result, residents have no choice but to CONTINUE TO communicate with WHO  Radio's Mickelson in the Morning Program!!

Here is the new road sign that is well suited to warn people coming to Cedar Rapids.



The following chart shows Cedar  Rapids’ path of decline from a parlor city to a corrupt city.  The two major declines in the chart resulted from the 1930s depression and from those having undeveloped minds, who were taught new math starting in the 1960s, graduated from high school after 1970 and took school, media, business, government and other management etc. positions--after 1990This is the first generation of these shallow thinking victims of new math--who suffer from undeveloped minds in their teens.  

Stay tuned for much more about these victims—and what the Cedar Rapids Integrity chart is apt to look like in 2030, after the 2nd generation of new math victims starts to take charge!

The Cedar Rapids media, city council, large businesses and public schools are part of the problem, not the solution!!  Iowalive net workers merely evaluated and assigned numbers to them—as shown.  Iowalive's numbers have yet to be refuted. 

*On a Scale of 0 to 1,000 Tops, Where Significant Integrity (GOOD) Starts at 300, Evil is 250 and Below, Grand Larceny is Equivalent to 40.  
Integrity is Adherence to Moral and Ethics Principles.    The Antonym of Integrity is Evil.  
Anyone claiming to have better numbers is asked to provide them.  
Integrity Index Level Derivation Methods are Posted on Website: http://www.iowalive.net/archives2.htm