Greetings, Linn County Board of Supervisors, Linn County Attorney, Gazette Reporter Mitchell Schmidt and all—

Having failed to find and cite the law legalizing the Linn County Board of Supervisors to raise the minimum wage, today’s 9-8-16 Gazette reports that it is legal for Linn County to run a red light and raise the wage because Johnson County has had the law for nearly a year and has not been sued!!!!  GASP!!

It took days for the Linn County Attorney and Board of Supervisors to concoct that ridiculous position—and for the Gazette to blindly report it.   Their college degrees were certainly put to unique and simpleton use!!  But it doesn’t end there!! 

They have ignored the law of Supply and Demand as well, and in addition to victim workers, that law could also come back to bite the supervisors, who voted to raise the starting worker wage by 42% from $7.25 to $10.25.    

The Supply and Demand law says a low supply and a high demand increases price, and in contrast, the greater the supply and the lower the demand, the lower the price tends to fall.   This also says the higher the price the lower the demand, such as demand for workers and county supervisors, who have also raised their price by about 37%. 

Here are some numbers you all have failed to provide, or even attempted to provide.   If you now claim to have better numbers than those herein, let’s see them.  Show folks you at least have some idea of what you are doing!!  Will you pull the numbers out of the same dark place you pulled the minimum wage hike ordinance??!!

The 42% wage price increase will:

1.    Cut starting worker jobs in Linn County by at least 750 jobs. 

2.    Take away worker rights to work at a wage that will get them a job.

3.    Close at least 10 small businesses in Linn County.

4.    Cut growth in existing small Linn County businesses by at least 10%.

5.    Reduce new small business start-ups in Linn County by at least 3%.

6.    Increase local inflation by at least .4%.

7.    Encourage the corrupt in Cedar Rapids Corbett City Hall to raise the wage as well, making all of the above numbers at least 30% worse.

8.    Drive existing wages up by at least 1%.

9.    Provide ample incentives for a class action lawsuit against the perpetrators of the increase!!

The 37% supervisor price increase will cut 5 supervisors to 3. 


Demand for 5 Linn County Supervisors should fall to the extent voters will opt for having only 3 supervisors in the upcoming election.   This is despite the supervisors trying to buy worker votes with money taken from their employers!!  Will businesses take this hosing willingly??  How about the victim taxpayers and voters??



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