Greetings Des Moines Register Editors and all—

There you go again.  Your 5-11-16 edition biasedly carried 910 insulting words of Lew Finch propaganda blaming kids and lack of school funding for Iowa school failures, that he  perpetuated for at least 20 years.  As superintendent of the Cedar Rapids school district, Finch is the culprit who:

1.    Cheated and excluded low test scores from  school performance reports and tried to blame it on the Iowa Testing Program--and also likely got the district investigated by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR)

2.    Overspent the district on  pay raises for high seniority teachers claiming they were of exceptionally high value to the kids and the district

a.    The following year he gave those same teachers severance bonuses to get them to retire early—to offset his overspending

b.    This disaster left the district’s kids in an academic hole they can’t escape to this day

                                               i.     The district ranks 219th in the state in all grades tested in reading

                                              ii.     It is 224th in math and 267th in science .    

3.    Finally admitted he left the Cedar Rapids school district in worse shape than he found it

But the above didn’t shut him up, no thanks to the Register.

  In his 5-11-16 Register column Finch bogusly claimed or insinuated:

1.    Schools are efficient despite spending $23 billion more, in 14 years, for flat ACT scores.  

2.    Kids equate to raw materials in a factory but can’t be thrown out for defects--therefore defective kids are to blame for poor school performance

a.    Judy Hintz, at Educational Resource Associates in West Des Moines, routinely teaches kids Finch and his ilk failed to teach and bogusly claim can’t be taught and

b.    He ignores that kids adapt to overcome poor teaching methods and curriculum—unlike factory materials that are inert.

c.     And he ignores the schools have not adapted at all to kids for over 40 years. 

3.    Schools need more funding despite having NO plans or intentions to make better use of it to raise student achievement

And what of any measurable good for kids is Finch doing as director of the evil, money focused, Iowa Urban ‘Education’ Network??  HUH?  The large and most wasteful, 8 Urban Education Network schools are certainly lagging in the school reading, math and science rankings above!!!  

Lew Finch is the champion of more money wasted for poor school performance!!


Will Gazette editors blindly carry the Finch Burn Before Reading (BBR) propaganda column or will it wisely shut him off—finally!!??  It hasn’t carried it to date—so there is some hope.  But readers should prepare themselves to be insulted by it in the Sunday edition.


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