Everyone tells me that to change education is a next to impossible job. It may be, but NOW is the time to try.  I need people from all over the state who are disturbed about their children or grandchildren’s education.  That means parents, grandparents, teachers, retired teachers and homeschoolers.


I taught for eleven years when Iowa public schools were at the top.  As Director of Educational Resource Associates, I am appalled at the drop in schools’ performance.


We need to demand that Iowa go back and teach the basic skills. I can guide you. I have solutions.  I have an answer to all of their EXCUSES.


PLEASE HELP!  Attend an organizational meeting at Education Resource Associates on January 12, 2017 at 7:00pm.  We will outline problems that you would like to see solved.  We also need volunteers to help with many tasks.


Iowa schools can return to their greatness.

 We just have to DEMAND it!



Judy Hintz, M.S.E.                                       Educational Resource Associates

Director                                                        1721 25th St. (Downstairs)

                                                                      West Des Moines, IA 50211


Please RSVP to educationalresource@thekidfixer.com.


Bring your friends!