Greetings, Steffen Schmidt, professor of political science at Iowa State University and all—

Your 500 word guest column in today’s 10-16-15 C. R. Gazette was much better than what most college profs would write about gun free zone violence with guns.   Mental health problems and related issues were cited.  You also recognized what is being done isn’t working and that what is now proposed to be done with back ground checks wouldn’t work well either. 

So you wisely wrote:  “Until we have a serious conversation about this huge issue and change the law to match the existential crisis we face, we will no doubt lament many, many more massacres.”

Mental health problems will always exist and the mentally ill will always manage to get guns.   They are smart enough to do that and they have regularly  proven themselves smart enough to figure out gun free zones are the safest places to shoot people.  

And they know prisons, except for Joe Arpaio’s in AZ, are quite comfortable for inmates.   Nearly all mass shootings are in gun free zones,  so why do we have comfortable prisons and laws establishing gun free zones for the confort and safety of  shooters and killers?  They sure as heck aren’t safe for others!! 

You said for us to “stay tuned”.   Will you then cite the virtue of eliminating comfortable prisons and gun free zone laws??  You seem to recognize the problem with them, they aren’t working,  and you would be among the first profs to write so knowlegeably about it.  

Thank you for providing your email address in your column!!  UI President Bruce Harreld had the courage to do that as well, in his outstanding column in today's 10-16-15 Gazette!!


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