Greetings, Megan Tooker, executive director and legal counsel for the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, and all—

Please forward this post to all ethics board members and Bryan Galde.  Thank you very much.

The Bryan Galde ethics complaint now before the board involves a lawyer politician campaigning for Mayor of Marion involving his campaign with a Marion Independent  School District Social Worker having 15 students, including his daughter, distribute campaign fliers, supporting only lawyer AbouAssaly, in exchange for school volunteer credit.  

The social worker did not offer student support in distributing fliers for other mayoral candidates.  It was a closed loop deal for lawyer AbouAssaly only.

Should lawyer AbouAssaly have known better?

And as usual, the Iowa Ethics Board of Lawyers will search and search to find if a specific law was broken, and rule accordingly.   The word ‘ethics’ will never be mentioned in the ruling, also as usual.  And as Iowalive has complained about such board behavior previously, the Linn County attorney could just as easily determine if a law was broken.   The Iowa Board of Ethics lawyers have nothing to do with ethics.  

If the Iowa Ethics Board was about ethics, it would have nurses, doctors, engineers and others having high public trust and ethics, sitting on it—not lawyers. 

So when all the smoke and theatrics are cleared, the Board’s ruling is obvious.  


There was no law broken that specifically says a Marion School District social worker can’t have students deliver campaign fliers for a lawyer running for Mayor of the city of Marion—at the exclusion of offering to, or distributing fliers, for any or all other mayoral candidates.  Ethics will not be mentioned and will have nothing to do with the Board’s legal ruling. 

Please visit this website to see that Iowalive was down this road with you on 6-1-12. 

So what say you now, Megan??  Will you prove Iowalive net workers are wrong??  Is Iowalive too critical of you for being a lawyer in an untenable ethics position? 


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