Updated, 1-16-17

It is getting closer to the day Johnny Carson's lie detector,  , will be in use much earlier than most liars realize.  Until then, Iowalive net workers will determine integrity in the best manner possible.


Every day, people assess and determine the integrity levels of other people, information received and claims made by politicians etc.   People compare the behavior and claims of those they are assessing with the behavior and claims of those they know and trust to have high integrity. 


Skilled Iowalive net workers determine integrity in much the same way, but by using propriety algorithms and a huge data base.  Derivation methods are under continuous improvement but it is possible to compare values derived at significantly different times, to determine trends--similar to how operating efficiencies are derived and used.  


An operating efficiency of 100% defines perfection, the condition of zero waste.  Similarly, an Integrity Index Level of 1,000 applies to the Divine--the ultimate level of perfection and truth--and 0, the ultimate absence of perfection and truth and the ultimate level of evil


On this 0 to 1,000 scale, significant integrity starts at level 300.   The levels are logarithmic, (powers of ten)--which provide more than sufficient range to cover all conditions of integrity--to the highest level of accuracy obtainable.    The levels are intended to be used for making comparisons and for determining improvement, rather than absolutes--at this time.  


Evil is at or below level 250.  Fraud is equivalent to level 160. Grand larceny is equivalent to level 40.

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethics principles.  Evil is the antonym of integrity.  The better the adherence to moral and ethics principles, the higher the Integrity Index Level.  An algorithm, discussed below, is a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (such as finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; broadly : a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end, especially by a computer.  

 A database is a collection of data used in making comparisons to find the ‘best fit’ or ‘most likely’ solution or condition.    For example, if you see a bird with a bill, webbed feet, a green head and a curly tail, it is ‘most likely’ a mallard duck.   With respect to integrity, government investigators gather information on individuals seeking security clearances—and compare that information with information (a database) obtained from people who are known to be trustworthy.   If a good fit is determined, a security clearance is granted. 

 The algorithm IF:THEN:THIS logic is—IF this, this, this and this etc. are known and reasonably so—THEN the most likely result or condition is THIS. 

To some extent, the Integrity Index Levels can be considered as measures of energy levels--where a 'truth' has a different energy level than a 'false'.    It is expected that use of memristors, or equivalent technology, will eventually lead to precise measurement of such energy levels, including the frequencies of each.   


A memristor behaves like a non-linear resistor with memory.  It will substantially (30% or more) increase speed, reduce size, weight, power consumption, heat dissipated and cost of computers--approaching brain-like computation and memory capability.  A memristor will not lose memory resulting from a power loss. 

Memristor technology will provide the means for the ultimate truth or lie detector.  This technology eliminates the rounding errors resulting from forced use of zeroes and ones, in existing digital technology.  It will make voice recognition more precise than existing DNA.  It will show if a person's unique energy imprint was present at the scene of a crime--at the precise time of the crime! 

An excellent video on memristor technology is available on website;  and more on new technology and memristors is posted on 


Integrity awards for deserving newspapers, radio and TV stations will become routine!!   The same applies to clerics, lawyers, businesses, schools, governments, judges, teachers, journalists, politicians and political parties etc.  Are you ready for this?  Will there be efforts to halt or drive memristor technology development, refinement and use out of the country--to avoid exposure of the truth?   Who would fear the truth and want to do that--criminals, the Federal Government?  Please keep a very watchful eye on development of this technology--or its sudden demise.


The Integrity Index Levels derived by Iowalive net workers are infantile, compared to the levels obtainable from use of memristor technology.  The numerical,  Integrity Index Levels provided by Iowalive net workers merely introduce you to what is to come.   Anyone claiming to have better numbers is always asked to provide them for evaluation and comparison. 




 A low cost device that can show the difference between NO (FALSE)  and YES (TRUE), is the QI Ring--demonstrated by its inventor on website It is pronounced Key Ring. 


People using the device with practice, dicipline and consistency can find it helpful for many situations and statements.  For example, the statement, the person named _________________  is trustworthy.  YES or NO, or TRUE or FALSE.   The acuracy of the device is determined by comparing the answer with subsequent knowledge of the result.   It isn't rocket science and it likely doesn't work for all users--especially prior to considerable practice, that can demonstrate its accuracy.