Greetings, Des Moines Register Editors and all--

The 3-24-16 Register editorial headline finally called the Iowa public school reading failure spade--a spade!!!

Illiterate third-graders can still be promoted

Because of Iowa’s third grade retention law,  third-graders are to be the sacrificial lambs for the sins of the education sector in failing to learn how to effectively teach the five concepts of reading to all learning styles and English language learners (which is not difficult once you can teach it to English-speakers).

1.    There is no consideration or mention in the Iowa law about accountability for results, nor that Iowa’s training for elementary reading is an acknowledged failure;

2.    There is also no mention in the Iowa law of what constitutes “grade level”.  Considering Iowa cannot achieve grade level, assessment tests are pegged to our lower level and the public is not told about this.  The law specifically says “grade level”.

3.    Iowa adopted and still uses the lowest student proficiency standard in the Midwest.

Preliminary results of the 2015 PISA exams show U.S. fifteen-year-olds to be 24th out of 40 in reading
(which equates roughly to a D).  States are beginning to surpass Iowa on NAEP reading exams because they are working toward grade level 65th NPR.  Iowa, on the other hand, uses a lower standard of 41st NPR, refuses to keep the public informed of this low standard, and appears to be using it as “grade level” to satisfy the reading requirement for 3rd-graders by May 2017. 
This means that Iowa students will fall farther and farther behind the global competition because educators refuse to step up and be accountable for results – MAKING THIRD-GRADERS THE SACRIFICIAL LAMBS.

The Register has finally taken a small step to stop illiterate promotions—if not academic child abuse! 


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