Greetings, Governor Branstad and all—

UI president Bruce Harreld chose the lessor of evils and agreed to an interview with the evil Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial board, that Senator Joni Ernst wisely ignored—and was decisively elected.  

The evil Gazette is so gleeful of the result that it published a rare advance notice in Saturday’s 10-31-15 Gazette announcing the interview will be carried in tomorrow’s Sunday paper.

Today’s first question is, did Harreld’s Integrity Index Score of 390 offset the Gazette editorial board’s evil score of 25, and prevent the results of the interview from getting ugly?

The second question is, would the Gazette ever announce a high integrity editorial in advance?   

The average Integrity Index Score for past Gazette editorials, columns and articles on Harreld’s hiring is a pathetic 35 

But Harreld willingly walked into the devil’s den to serve the UI students, faculty and ALL, as well and fearlessly as he could.    He was not intimidated by the Gazette’s evilly stacked deck.    

Recalcitrant UI profs et. al. would be well served to take note of that. 

Harreld doesn’t need the Gazette to be successful at UI—and he knows it.    The Gazette itself is struggling to stay in business.    The Gazette needs Harreld. 

If the average Integrity Index Score for tomorrow's published interview is greater than 75, Harreld deserves a huge ATTABOY for pulling the board well above the grand larceny level of 40!!    

Stay tuned for the Integrity Index Score of the interview and some fitting comments as well. 

Integrity Index Score Derivation Methods are Posted on Website: http://www.iowalive.net/integrityderivation.htm

Integrity index Scores are on a scale of 0 to 1,000 tops, where significant integrity starts at 300, evil is at 250 and below.  Grand larceny scores 40.

Anyone Claiming To Have Better Numbers Than Those Herein Is Asked To Provide Them



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