By Wayne Dominowski
Sergeant Bluff Advocate Editor

(SB) Ė No one talks face-to-face anymore.  Let me put it another way: Thereís a lot of talk out there, but itís often coming off a TV screen.  So, itís a one-way chat session.  They talk, you listen.  Or, everyoneís on their I-pad.
            The truth is, no one holds conversations anymore.  Look around.  Young people walk around with their heads bowed.  Theyíre either texting or reading a text.  If they arenít doing that, theyíre playing a game, or messaging on a blog.  They donít talk; their fingers do.
            But the rest of us havenít gotten any better, either.
            Too busy.  Today, no one has time.  Everyoneís on their own.  Either weíre on the computer, answering cell phones, rushing to get to work, rushing to get home, battling bills, trying to make ends meet, or trying to piece our lives together wondering what happened to us and why we became what we are.
            Ever notice how no one returns your phone calls?  Either they donít listen to their messages, or their message box is full, or, it hasnít been set up, or frankly, they donít want to talk to you.  (In the latter case, they probably owe you money, or they think youíre going to give them work to do, move furniture, help paint your house, or ask to borrow money from them.)  Who knows?
            Remember when you read a daily newspaper and it was filled with real news.  You know, ďJust the facts, Maíam, just the facts.Ē  You read inspirational stories.  Your brain soaked up images of far-away places, of journeys, of events, history, life and other stuff that used to be pertinent, interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, honest and real.
            Not anymore.
            Now, open a daily newspaper and every other page is a story about Donald Trump Ė what he supposedly did, what he supposedly didnít do, where he supposedly went, what he supposedly said, who he supposedly said it to, what he tweeted (and all the talking heads telling you what they believe he meant whether true or not).  Same on TV.  For every one channel of programing, there are three channels of infomercials, mindless talking, or people claiming to be show hosts or comedians bashing (Guess who?) Trump.
            Do you know why things are the way they are?  I can tell you, but Iíll have to do it in a condensed version because weekly newspaper space is at a premium.
            Let me start off by noting that things werenít the way they are now.  America was innocent, happy, exciting, full of hope.  We just elected our first ever young President.  John and Jackie Kennedy represented everything good about America.  It was Camelot.
            (Yes, I know and you know all the stuff that has come out since those days, but at the time we didnít have an ugly media hell bent on destroying everything we were led to believe in.)
            The Kennedy presidency came suddenly crashing down when JFK was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963.
            Look what happened thereafter: The Vietnam War escalated under President Lyndon Johnson (1963), Watts riots (Aug. 1965), Malcom X assassinated (Feb. 1965), Martin Luther King assassinated (April 4, 1968), Bobby Kennedy assassinated (June 5, 1968), the evolution of the New Left (Marxists), radical groups (Weather Underground, Black Panthers, et al), and every fringe group known and unknown to the civilized world.  All of a sudden, every one deserved to be heard whether they warranted it or not.  Everybody had rights above and beyond all those who earned those rights.             You see, back when the Democrats were the Party of the People, they embraced youth.  When JFK was elected, he was the embodiment of what the Dems and the Country wanted.  Everyone was young.  We didnít want old fogies anymore.  When Kennedy was assassinated, the dream was killed.  America was at a loss.  What we wanted, what we hoped for, what was America, vanished in Dallas when Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rifle from the Texas Book Depository and ended the brief era of ďThe New Frontier.Ē
            We were down-trodden.  Sad.  Lost.  Enter chaos.
            We searched for a light in a dark room.  What we wanted was JFK to be alive and we searched for another like him.  Look what we got: Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama.  The range of leadership could be described as anywhere from very good to very poor.  (Youí
ll have to decide which is which.)  The reason for the presidential disparity has a lot to do with our predisposal of wanting a god, a pharaoh, a king, or even a dictator to lead us.  If we canít find a god, we create oneÖ like Obama.
            We should have been looking for demonstrated competence, experience, education, intelligence, compassion (for ALL people), someone who loves America dearly, a Christian, a believer in the U.S. Constitution, andÖ (Oh, whatís the useÖ no one will understand this, anyway).   We should have been seeking those qualities, but we didnít, havenít, and wonít.
            Instead, itís about party ideologies Ė ideologies that change from day to day.  Itís about everyone being an expert today Ė just ask them.  Itís about unreal conspiracies.   Itís about fomented hate (and then we wonder why thereís so many murders taking place).  Itís about a national media thatís out of control.  Itís about Facebook, Tweets, Instagram, and a social media providing us with a steady stream of preposterous, fabricated stories.
            Weíve forgotten what America is.  We were never a Country of minorities; we were ALL Americans.  Always.  Before diversity, we had assimilation.  Some of you may remember when we worked together, played together, and the vast majority of us were all in the same boat.  We helped one another.  We talked and listened to one another.
Gone.  Disappeared.
            Whatís happened is America has turned its back on God.  America has turned its back on Jesus Christ.  Think about that and then tell me why people resort to drugs, prostitution, gangs, Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians, choreographed reality shows, million(s) dollar lotteries, homegrown ISIS terrorists, and murder and killing rampages.              People are confused, lonely, anguished, apathetic, disparaged, angry, hate-filled, and lost.  All you have to look at is a main stream media that fosters discontent; spoiled, hateful liberals; millionaire football players taking a knee to protest what they call inequality; illegal aliens saying they have a right to be in America without wanting to be Americans; men getting surgery to become women, and women under the knife to become men; a government slush fund to pay hush money to victims of sex abuse in our nationís House and SenateÖ
            OK, so my question to you is: If itís not God thatís missing, what is?