Greetings, Gazette Sunday Edition Editor Michael Castranova and all—

Sunday’s 7-31-16 Gazette carried two columns having unusually high Integrity Index Scores as follows:

Castranova's “No place like home” and Dorman's “Nine minutes with Trump” columns scored respectively—Integrity; 407, 370 on a scale of 0 to 1000 tops and word count;  855 and 1,225. 

Castranova wrote about how hard it is for a non-Iowan to write for Iowans and Dorman commented on his brief visit with Trump.   Trump’s remarks to Dorman had an average Integrity Index Score of 305.   But it was Castranova’s column that prompted this Iowalive response.  

He called it “daunting” for him to write an Iowa column since he isn’t an Iowa native.  And he explained what he meant by a native Iowan.  He also addressed writing achievements and the joy of being told he wrote a nice column, or was given an encouraging smile,  as if writing nice columns and getting encouraging smiles are very important to a journalist. He also cited the abundance of non-complimentary feedback from readers.

But neither Castranova nor Dorman had the satisfaction of knowing their performance or achievement scores for their columns—until now.   It’s like they were playing golf, baseball, football or making sales without knowing the score—or losing weight without a scale.  So it's a lot of work and little fun, as Castranova clearly indicated.   And it is also self-imposed misery as journalists oppose performance scores—or they would have them, and cite them. 


Journalists need a performance metric to realize the joy of exceptional performance.  Iowalive offers the Integrity Index Score, used above,  as an exceptional metric choice.   Derivation methods are posted on website:   What is more important to journalists and their readers than ‘integrity’—adherence to moral and ethics principles?  

Reader surveys will clearly obtain reader integrity scores for a piece—on a scale of 0 to 1,000 tops.  Just survey them!!  And such scores would add needed emphasis on integrity!!  The Gazette could derive its own scores as well. 

So please tell us Michael,  as the Sunday Gazette editor, why don’t you use an Integrity Index Score as the metric for articles, columns and advertisements in the Sunday Gazette?  What, or who, are the obstacles stopping you?   Tell us and we will help you remove or overcome them!!

Like a toddler learning how to walk, using integrity metrics will be a bit awkward at first, but continuous improvement will get you running, like you need to be!!    Do you have better Integrity Index Scores than those provided above?  Will you try to derive them?  Will you ask anyone for help?? 

Will you  work to persuade the Gazette to set up an Integrity Team as it did the Writer’s Circle?   An effective emphasis on integrity is projected to increase Gazette subscriptions and advertising by at least 15% within 5 years!  Writer’s Circle is 0% increase. 

Which is more important to the Gazette and its readers? 

Please forward this post to the members of the Writers Circle. 

You say?


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