Greetings, Jim Burke, C. R. Gazette Publisher and all—

You have some serious work to do, cleaning up the Editorial Board, on which you serve.  Today’s 2-25-16 feature Gazette editorial was 370 more words of irresponsible Edu speak.  You and the editors lauded Cedar Rapids school districts’ decision to close school on Friday afternoons for “teachers to work together on curriculum and class strategies”.  You and the editors put C. R. school district’s Haye’s and Pickering’s Edu speak columns to shame.   

Worse than Hayes’  and Pickering’s Edu speak columns, you and the Editorial Board cited NO:

1.   Performance measures to determine school closing impacts on student achievement progress, success or failure

2.   Milestones to show progress or the lack of it

3.   Measurable student achievement results expectations--numbers

4.   Name of the person in charge

5.   Costs involved

6.   Recovery plan for the students if school closing fails

The opening sentence of the editorial was this Edu speak gem.  “Cedar Rapids parents will need to adapt to a different school schedule next year, but we believe any initial frustration will be overshadowed by results.”  It is Edu speak because ‘results’ were never mentioned again.   Here is the second sentence and it is even worse: 

“Members of the Cedar Rapids school board decided this week that all students will have early dismissal on Friday afternoons to allow teachers 90 additional minutes each week to work together on curriculum and class strategies.” 

Allow teachers to work together rather than work to improve curriculum and class strategies!!  They should all know working together is an activity that can’t  be measured, while improvement can—so they avoid it!!  That’s the way the school hobby and school board manipulate, Jim, and you and your Gazette editors make it worse by touting it, as if they had the foggiest idea of what they are doing.  

The editorial is full of such Edu speak crap and it won’t be repeated herein.  It’s all classified BBR, Burn Before Reading!

 Ms. Day, please once again forward this post to school board members and administrators—who duped Gazette twinks so easilyDo it for the kids!



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