ELCA  headquarters allowed only 20 carefully selected people from Iowa to vote in the homosexual Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis.   This is grossly unfair and must be fixed.  To fix the unfairness, all  Lutheran churches can use the following three ballots to vote on the homosexual sex issues adopted by the ELCA headquarters, at the Aug. Churchwide Assembly, held in Minneapolis, MN. 

The first two ballots are for a church congregation  remaining as a member of the  ELCA--but with reduced levels of ELCA  benevolence.     The third ballot is for churches leaving the ELCA completely.   

1.  As a voting member of the _____________________  Lutheran church congregation, I accept and endorse acceptance and performance of same sex marriages and the hiring of active same sex clergy.     Yes-------   No--------

 2.  As a voting member of the _________________________ Lutheran church congregation, I request the Council to limit ELCA benevolence to the percentage of YES votes, or less, to the above ballot issue.  For example, if 60% of the congregation votes YES for performing same sex marriages and hiring active same sex clergy, ELCA benevolence will heretofore be 60% or less, of what it was last year.  YES-----  NO------

 3.  As a voting member of the _____________________ Lutheran church congregation, I appeal to the church Council to start proceedings to immediately leave the ELCA and find a more appropriate church affiliation, such as with the Lutheran Congregations in Ministry for Christ (LCMC).  YES -----------   NO ----------