Greetings, Iowa Legislature Education Committees and all—

Superior educator, Dr. Sue Atkinson, provides the following to help you avoid the education lies foisted on you by educators seeking yet another obscene increase in K-12 school funding—that has no expectations for improved student achievement, or anything else, as usual.


Iowa officials continue to lie about the quality of Iowa education in order to receive increased funding.  Hey, it has worked for decades so why should they give up on it now, especially when the Des Moines Register and the rest of the media (following the Register lead) cooperate with the deception!?

·       The Legislature, FOR DECADES, has routinely increased funding for education in the false belief it was needed for the increasing number of students who could not achieve in a system with poor curriculum and ineffective teaching (both based on shallow memorization) – while standards were continuously lowered (and low test scores not counted) to artificially appear to be good.  Why read the 1955 book “Why Johnny Can’t Read”, followed by the 1980 book “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read”, when these exposes could be ignored?  The state and taxpayers got no return on the money invested because of the cheating system in place.

·       The claim that Iowa education was good until 1995, according to NAEP results, completely ignores the low standards being used as well as the focus on shallow memorization rather than in-depth thinking through learning concepts and applying them to the real world.  The whole point of 2001 NCLB was to raise standards and improve the curriculum to concept-based and away from memorization, while stopping the educator bullying of students as the false cause of school achievement problems.  The state and the taxpayers continue to get no return on the money invested in this lie because failing to admit reality prevents a change of behavior (just ask addicts).

·        The claim that “only” 25% of Iowa third-graders do not read at grade level is a lie because it is based on Iowa student test scores that the Iowa Department of Education acknowledges use Iowa’s low standards rather than grade level standards.  According to NAEP  test results, the 25% number is closer to 60%.  Iowa test scores show the number to be 54%, as posted on unrefuted website:  The state and taxpayers are getting no return on the money invested in this continually cheating system that still relies on low standards to artificially appear to be better than it is (while an increasing number of states pass us by in student achievement toward global standards). 

·       Is it the intent of the state to continue lying to the public when May 2017 gets here and third-graders are not reading at grade level?  Will low standards continue to be used to inflate results?  Based on past experience, Iowa taxpayers will be lied to while our students fall behind an increasing number of states as well as developed countries in our globalized world. 

Allowing the state to continue to lie about education standards is a refusal to admit the truth and face the reality of the problem-solving that needs to take place.  But then, graduates of Iowa’s low-standards, shallow memorization education system lack the in-depth thinking process to even properly understand the problem, let alone correct it.  Iowa taxpayers will continue to get NO return on the money spent while we fall farther behind the world standards.

Sue Atkinson, PhD

P. O. Box 301

Baxter IA 50028



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