Greetings, Mackenzie Ryan, Register Editorial Board and all--

Mackenzie Ryan’s 1,420 word  “Iowa Poll: Most support holding back poor readers”, article in the 3-13-16 Register aids and abets school deception by falsely reporting only 8,000 to 10,000 3rd graders would be retained for having failed ‘3rd grade level’ reading skills. To the contrary, website presents Department of Education data that honestly shows 17,156 students have failed 3rd grade reading skills. 

The Register article continues aiding and abetting the education system deception to Iowa taxpayers by its complete failure to explain that Iowa’s low student Proficiency standards are being used for grade level rather than national grade level standards (which would be closer to global standards), thus continuing the practice used for decades to artificially appear better than schools are by lowering Proficiency standards--rather than schools actually being better.

The question for legislators is whether or not they want these low standards used to satisfy a law that specifically says third-graders will be reading at grade level by May 2017.  How will artificially appearing to be good help the kids in global competition?  The answer is—IT WON’T!!  IT HURTS THEM!!

But the deception will get schools at least $134 million ($1.34 billion in 10 years) increased state funding.  School deception pays!! 

Click here to see Iowa's lowest in the Midwest student Proficiency Standard.

Click here  to see how and why it was adopted.  Both are linked from website:


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