The Sergeant Bluff-Luton Iowa school district is ranked 35th in the state in 4th reading.    The city of Sergeant Bluff operates at a commendable 56% efficiencyócompared to the Advocateís lofty 60%.  They all know a hiss-fit when they see it.  They are in Representative Steve Kingís U. S House district 4!!

The following editorial is released with permission of Sergeant Bluff Advocate Editor, Wayne Dominowski, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa


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Our U.S. Congress: When you donít get what you want, throw a hiss-fit

By Wayne Dominowski

Sergeant Bluff Advocate  Editor

(Sergeant Bluff, IA) - I had to look four times to figure out what was taking place. There, sitting on the floor of the U.S. House were congress members who are/were protesting a gun control measure that didnít pass.

I placed the photo here for you to look at.    

On the left is Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who led the protest.  Is he asleep?  Looks like heís sleeping.

Anyway, the first thought I had looking at the photo was it represented laziness.

Here you have U.S. House members lounging about, collecting a base salary of $174,000 (plus benefits), which they continue to collect annually the rest of their lives even after serving one measly term; I am to understand that they donít pay a penny into Social Security. (Itís taken care of for them by you and me; at the same time, they used up our Social Security fund as a cash cow to pay for other things they made a mess of.) They get free franking privileges, meaning they donít pay a nickel for postage. They get automatic pay raises (to make them look good to voters, they refrain from voting yes, but by not voting at all turns out to be an automatic yes for a pay raise.)

The lazy congress members sitting on the floor of the U.S. House lost in their bid on gun control.Like Obamacare, the public never saw what was proposed.(Pelosi: ĎJust pass it and weíll see what it says later.í)So, in a hiss fit, everyone sat their lard butts on the floor. They made spectacles of themselves, too: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, dressed in a pink suit, brought in a pink pillow. Rep. Scott Peters got a back rub. There were also snacks delivered to the chamber and the promise of pizza, according to Rep. John Yarmuth.

Along with that, after the microphones had been turned off because the House had officially adjourned, the protesting congress people who werenít laying around on the floor, milled about and began shouting and spewing derogatory name-calling of those who voted against their measure.

The whole petty affair tells me what Congress is really about: No one works; none of them care about Americans; itís all about stupid party lines and never about what Americans want and need; itís about wasting time and money.Itís also about putting up another smokescreen.

What bothers me is our Congress never protests real issues.How about the Veteransí Administration scandal? Anyone care about the fallen Americans at Benghazi?How about the innocent people slaughtered at San Bernardino, CA., and now Orlando, FL. by (OMG, letís not say the term radical Islamic terrorists).

How come no one in Congress cared about the freeing of low-life Islamic terrorists from GITMO, releasing them back into their terrorist fold so they can kill more innocent people?Not a peep about Fast and Furious, where thousands of U.S. firearms -- sanctioned by our White House and DOJ -- were sent across the border into Mexico and conveniently and mysteriously disappeared.

Anyone of the people lounging about the House floor care about the massive stream of illicit drugs crossing into the U.S. by our good neighbors from the south and being passed on to our youths? Anyone in Congress give a rip about the national debt?How about the continuous flood of illegal immigrants (aside from the fact they broke our laws by crossing our borders, anyone bother to check them for diseases they may be carrying, criminal records, or terrorist intentions?)

Anyone in Congress care about the state of our public education?Anyone care about the violence portrayed by way of Hollywood and passed on to the public as entertainment?

Gun control? How about tax control?

Gun control? What about controlling terrorists?

Gun control? What, now they want to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and Second Amendment?

Gun control? How about spending control?

Gun control? How about term limit control?

Gun control? Any chance we can control stupidity?

This is what taxpayers are paying for. Meanwhile, the real important issues are placed on the back-burner forever and ever.

Sad, isnít it.