Greetings, Gazette Editorial Board, Cedar Rapids School Board, and all—

Ms. Laurel Day is requested to forward this post to all C. R. school administrators and to performers who served at Polk Elementary, before it was closed.  Thank you very much!!

Gazette reporter Meryn Fluker’s 1,195 word article in the 8-13-14 Gazette clearly shows the Cedar Rapids school district has money to burn!   It spends $200,000 on EDEquity babble from Los Angeles and ignores Judy Hintz, who routinely exceeds equity in West Des Moines, and shows how to do it, at NO CHARGE.

And last Iowalive looked, the district had $10 million unspent, authorized budget—which the district and Gazette will not report to abused district tax payers. Now back to Fluker.

Fluker’s article babbled with no numbers showing inequity, equity or anything else.  And it reported that for two days, C. R. Educational Leadership and Support Center administrators and staff, learning support employees, principals and assistant principals underwent Courageous Leadership training.  HOO  RAY!! 

However, Judy Hintz’ school has none of these such folks on her payroll!!!  But it gets worse.

As usual, Fluker reported no Courageous Leadership results expected--and no results achieved!    That “R” word was totally ignored again—and no student achievement numbers were reported. 

And the word ‘gap’ was used 6 times—and it was for the wrong ‘gap’!!   Is the school board listening??!!

Is this HEAVEN??  NO!  It’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As shown in the following chart, It was the small .8 grade level ‘gap’ addressed within the district—not the 2.5 elementary grade level ‘gap’ between the district and International grade levels.   The Cedar Rapids school district monopoly hobby is running loose, on ‘no numbers’ status quo.   And the Gazette loves it!

To fill the void, the following are the Cedar Rapids ‘gap’ numbers.  The districts problems are 1) it’s poorly educated students at the 3rd grade level can’t compete with International students at the 5.5 grade level—2) neither can 3.8 grade level students in the district, 3) it get worse through the grades and 4) it is poorly managed!!

Cedar Rapids school district is ranked in the bottom fourth of Iowa’s schools.  And Iowa is ranked in the bottom third of the nation’s schools, which are ranked in the bottom third Internationally. 

The following chart shows a 2.5 grade International gap in the lower grades. 


The following chart shows a 5.7 grade Cedar Rapids gap at the International graduation level. 

Cedar Rapids 6th & 8th graders can't compete with International 12th graders!

But the district and Gazette totally ignore this fact!! 


Judy Hintz Educational Resource Associates Routinely Eliminates the Inequity Gaps

Source:  Judy Hintz

Note:  C.  R. Polk Elementary Was Closing the Gaps So It Was Arbitrarily Closed!

Anyone  Claiming To Have Better Numbers Than Those Herein Is Asked To Provide Them


Photo Courtesy of Iowa Conservative Union 



Iowa state school district rankings, displayed on websites listed below, clearly show the dirty trick Cedar Rapids school district is ranked in the bottom fourth of Iowa’s schools.  And Iowa is ranked in the bottom third of the nation’s schools, which are ranked in the bottom third Internationally.  

Website http://www.iowalive.net/4threadingrank2013.htm  shows Cedar Rapids  4th reading ranked 256th in the State.

Website http://www.iowalive.net/8thmathranking12-13.htm shows Cedar Rapids  8 math ranked 205th in the state

Website http://www.iowalive.net/11thmathrank2013.htm shows Cedar Rapids  11th math ranked 178th  in the State

Website  http://www.iowalive.net/percentinspecialed.htm  shows Cedar Rapids  has 14.23% (2,288 ) of its students in special education.  If Judy Hintz, owner of Educational Resource Associates in West Des Moines, was in charge, Cedar Rapids would have 0% students in special education.  Judy teaches all kids who are not medically diagnosed as learning disabled.  If they are learning disabled, why would they be placed in Special Education—in an honest school district?

Website  http://www.iowalive.net/statescienceranking.htm  shows Cedar Rapids ranked 281st in science

Website:  http://www.iowalive.net/ranking8.htm    shows Cedar Rapids ranked 368th, the worst, in the  STATE RANKING OF IOWA SCHOOLS’ HONESTY & INTEGRITY  






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