Greetings Racing & Gaming Commission Members and all--

Cedar Rapids mayor Corbett failed to deliver a favorable Racing & Gaming Commission vote for a Cedar Rapids casino, as his rich casino investor pals expected.  So he owes them.   And he wants a cushy, high paying, casino position, but that can’t happen without a casino--and republican governor Kim Reynolds has no interest in it.  And he has to become governor to appoint Commission members favorable to a Cedar Rapids casino. 

So, a very angry, desperate  Corbett is running against her as a ‘democrat’ in the Iowa republican gubernatorial primary.  His Beyond  Promises book of fiction State tour was not encouraging.  He will tout fictional positions to fool voters.  While he correctly claims Iowa schools are failing, he showed no interest in the poorly performing Cedar Rapids school district or tying billions of increased State school funding to improved student achievement results, as speaker of the house. 

And to prove he doesn’t know, or care about,  the difference between ‘new’ and ‘better’, he fictitiously touts, “it’s time to elect new leaders with new ideas that have a  new game plan for the State of Iowa.”  And as further proof he doesn't kow the difference, he wants “better support (meaning more money) for public schools” when more money made things worse.  

And as further fiction, the Gazette reported him touting, in his typical fiction, political speak'I believe in school choice, and I think having home schools, having private schools, having open-enrollment, and we probably need maybe a few charter schools, but the vast majority of our kids, our grandkids, go to the public schools,' Corbett said. 'We have to make sure we are champions of public education, not undermining public education.' Corbett pitched himself as an open-minded conservative.” 

At least he didn’t pitch himself as an improved results oriented achiever,  which he surely isn’t!!!  He is a speaker of political-speak fiction and reckless spending!!!


a.k.a. Mayor of the City of Constantly Rising Stifling Taxation (CRST)

Will be interesting to hear what Governor Reynolds has to say when she launches her campaign!! 



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