Greetings, Mackenzie Ryan, Des Moines Register Reporter and all—

Iowa Association of School Boards, please forward this post to all school boards in the State.  Thank you. 

Your 380 word, 9-24-17  “Hollistic”  ESSA student survey article exposed educators creating excuses for poor school performance.  That’s what they do.  Educators cited NO survey expectations for improved student achievement because they have none.  And Iowalive agrees, there are none.  You would have reported them had you asked and there were some—or if there were NONE!  Did you ask for them?

You reported:  Iowa students in grades 3-12 will be given the survey each year and asked to rank how strongly they agree or disagree with statements like:

» My teachers care about me » There are clear rules about what students can and cannot do» I was called names, made fun of, or teased in a hurtful way.

It is a simple task for devious educators,  SUCH AS THOSE WHO ADOPTED THE LOWEST STUDENT PROFICIEINCY STANDARD IN THE MIDWEST, , to concoct biased questions and spin student responses into excuses for poor school performance.  That is why educators have no expectations for improved student achievement resulting from survey responses.  And as if you smelled the deception rat, the last sentences in your article boldly stated:

Parent and staff surveys are being developed to gather similar feedback, although schools can choose whether to use them.

Only student results will be included for state accountability purposes.

That’s right.  The survey responses don’t count.  It’s a farce!   It’s for cosmetic, excuse making purposes only—and you caught devious Department of Education ‘educators’ in the act. 

Good job, Mackenzie!!


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