Greetings, Vanessa Miller, Gazette Reportrer and all—

This is for you, President Trump!!

Just a short note to report website  is just now down from #1 to #8 on the  website hit list after posting it on 12-1-16, in response to Vanessa Miller’s article in the 11-29-16 Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Iowalive networkers found it rather amusing to read the following headlines for a 700 word Bloomberg article on Alzheimer’s in today’s 3-3-17 Gazette.  It’s all about money.  The contents of the article are best described as big pharma companies foolishly goosing the Alzheimer’s ghost

More than 100 experimental drugs already have failed!!  And there is no big money in the iron and selenium solution cited by Iowalive.  So the big pharma companies will never look there.  But many visitors are looking there, so there is hope.  

Are you listening, President Trump??


Big pharma takes financial risks to cure Alzheimer's

Drugmakers anticipate a U.S. market of up to $30 billion

Imagine what it would take to have a big  pharma admit the solution to Alzheimer’s costs less than $100 to treat!!

And not to be out done,  most cancers  can be  treated for less than $75.   And no one has refuted this or the above website!! 

The publicity of a big pharma rebuttal would be devastating and big pharma’s know it because they openly admit they don't know what causes either disease.  There it sits.

At least $4 billion has been spent on Alzheimer’s and cancer research to little or no avail.  And failed researchers beg for and get more money—as results are always reported as ‘promising’ or ‘encouraging’--blah, blah for at least 20 years!!

President Trump might be skeptical—and look outside the box!!  That’s what he does.



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