Greetings, Susan Patterson Plank, Executive Director, Iowa Newspaper Association (INA) and all—

Intelligence developments in Washington D. C. make the contents of this post most timely!

Sergeant Bluff Advocate editor, Wayne Dominowski, continues to distinguish himself and the Sergeant Bluff Advocate newspaper with high integrity, as shown in the following table!  His superior editorial below reports his extensive military experience in national intelligence.  As a result, he is likely a one-of-a-kind newspaper editor.

But the Iowa Newspaper association doesn’t care  enough about integrity to mention the word on its website, nor when citing Iowa awards, such as the Master Editor-Publisher award.  Nor  is anyone named in charge of INA integrity!!  Integrity doesn’t matter to the INA, but it should.





Avg. Year-to-Date 1-1-17 Integrity Index Score on Scale of 0 to 1,000 Tops

Sergeant Bluff Advocate


Iowa Weekly


Iowa Daily


Cedar Rapids Gazette


Sioux City Journal


Des Moines Register


Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil


Boston Globe


Los Angeles Times


New York Times


Washington Post


Integrity is Adherence to Moral &  Ethics Principals

Numbers were derived with methods posted on website:   where significant integrity starts at 300.  Evil is 250 and below.  Grand Larceny is 40.

Anyone Claiming to Have Better Numbers is Asked to Provide Them.



I don’t care what you think;

tell me what you know

By Wayne Dominowski

SBA Editor  March, 2017

            (SB) – I spent a good part of my life working in national intelligence. I started out with the U.S. Air Force, going overseas for two years in what was a daily medley of what we called “vigilance.” Later, I switched to the Army with a short Infantry stint, which, by the way, I enjoyed. I trained for what it would mean to face an enemy rather than spy on him. Through a quirk of fate (but more than likely an act of God) I found myself back in the intelligence arena as an analyst in Washington, D.C.

I underwent background checks (every five years), the latter of which is required in order to hold a clearance levels of confidential, secret, and top secret (TSC). There are various and escalating levels of clearances, and with each I learned a lot about our Country and other countries.

            That said, let me state that the preponderance – meaning just about all – of media stories are guesses at best, and mostly fiction at least. Many of the reports you hear and read fall into the realm of speculation, theories, beliefs, thoughts, estimates and/or opinions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s newspapers, TV national news, radio, magazines, or every “inside” report or talk show disguised as a news outlet, let me say, unequivocally, that what you hear and read as news is really a guessing game coming out of the heads and mouths of today’s news people.

            Truthfully, the media and their brother and sister talking heads have no clue what really goes on in the White House Oval Office.

            What they report is pure speculation based on what they “think” is happening. They have no idea why a national decision is or was made, nor do they know how a decision was derived upon. Nothing you read or see from the media even comes remotely close to knowing what the President of the United States hears each day, throughout the day, from his assigned intelligence personnel.

            In fact, within the national intelligence community, no one agency – save perhaps the National Security Agency (NSA) – knows everything. They’re all separate and separated from one another, and each has their own distinct mission. Generally, there’s no over-lapping of intelligence initiatives. One intelligence operative from one intel agency cannot simply stop by another intelligence agency to visit, say hello, bring cookies and goodies as a goodwill gesture, and ask what another agency or agent is doing or working on.

            For one, inter-agency visits are always official. Persons engaged in intelligence work stay within their assigned stations. They have no business walking about looking or seeing what anyone else is doing in the building they work. Any intel question from one agent to another – even among those working within a neighboring department – is met with “What is your need to know?”

            Whenever I hear one of the myriad of TV/cable panels start off by saying “I think…” I know immediately that what they are about to say is opinion. It is not fact.

Indeed, there’s a difference between the responses of “I think,” “I believe” and “I know.” Of the three, “I think” holds absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Intelligence information is not based on what an operative thinks. The heads of departments don’t care what you think. They want to know what you know… meaning facts, data, sources. The latter equates to reality and it eliminates report bias.

Briefly, news as you see it today is based solely on ratings and cash. High ratings brings high cash. So, for your information, where the media is concerned, the end justifies the means. In other words, whatever sells – whether lies, disinformation, unconfirmed reports, non-attributions – is good to go.

Now, with all this said, let me clear up something about what you’re hearing about Russian officials talking with U.S. officials, and clandestine wire-tapping talk. The Russians spy on us, and we spy on the Russians. In fact, when it comes to spying, every country does it. Enemies spy on enemies, and friends spy on friends. We aren’t an exception. No one is.

Wire-tapping. All wire-tapping is clandestine. Keep this in mind: agencies that can wire-tap, do. They aren’t idiots. They’re professionals. Because they know precisely what they are doing, they know how to erase all evidence of wire-tapping. That’s their job and they’re good at what they do. That’s why Edward Snowden’s revelations over NSA spying on Americans angered the top intel agency.

So, was Trump wire-tapped at Trump Tower. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Will the true stories about our intelligence agencies ever be told? No. That’s why they’re called intelligence agencies. They’re sworn to keep their mouths shut. Anyone who doesn’t – like Snowden – faces maximum federal criminal charges and life imprisonment. It’s why Obama did our Country a disservice when he commuted “Chelsea” Manning’s sentence, and why Bowe Berghdal, accused of desertion, should be given a life prison term at Ft. Leavenworth.



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