Greetings, Governor Branstad and all—

Things aren’t going well for the recalcitrant UI profs involved with the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AAUP).    In a  desperate, tricky attempt to churn things around, Ms. Techau, Chair of the UI Chapter of AAUP, is now threatening Regents with a union for greedy UI profs, even those tenured.    The Daily Iowan is trying its best to stir the pot, but is not doing much to help the recalcitrant prof cause at all.   Some me too profs at UNI are showing inadequate support as well.   

Techau et. al. expressed concern UI would be hurt if the AAUP issued goofy sanctions—after she pushed for sanctions.  But she shows no concern about the damage she hopes a union could do to UI.   She rather seems to relish the thought of it—without the foggiest idea of how little sentiment there is for unionizing.  She claims AAUP membership has jumped 50%, while Iowalive expects it's more like 30%, with the total membership below 150.  If Ms. Techau has better numbers, let’s  see them, please.  We’ll let readers decide which numbers to believe. 


When all the AAUP dust and smoke clears, the recalcitrant profs have NO legitimate issue and have little effective backing.   The “shared governance” AAUP self-declared, and Techau and her ilk cite, is a concocted myth.  The Regents are fully in charge of UI and that’s a fact. 

Techau et. al. have no evidence of how Harreld will lead UI so are merely chasing their concocted fears and imaginations.    Iowalive and Iowans expect, and deserve, much better from UI profs!!  Harreld should lead it out of them. 


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