Greetings, Republican Party of Iowa (RPI), Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) Officials and all—

The Report Card farther below shows serious weaknesses in LCRCC’s, the second largest county in Iowa’s, preparedness for the Feb 1 caucus.  On the other hand, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the Cedar Rapids Gazette the following, as if he is not even aware of Linn County problems. 

'Do I feel enthusiasm? I really do,' Kaufmann said. 'We are prepared for an absolute avalanche of people.”

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the Gazette  “caucus results will be certified within 48 hours this year, rather than two weeks”.

The 1-23-16 Gazette editorial stated “the good news is Republican and Democratic leaders in Iowa have shown they understand what's at stake. And they've closely cooperated to put in place systems, safeguards and training to avoid another high-profile embarrassment.”

The Report Card shows the Gazette been duped!

It is now less than 7 days until the Feb. 1, 2016 Caucus and the LCRCC caucus preparedness Report Card still has 1 F in it--for failure to handle large crowds.   

LCRCC’S grade point is now failing at 1.35.

The following CAUCUS REPORT CARD shows continued  inadequate LCRCC caucus preparation performance.   It’s as if chairman Golding and RPI chair Jeff Kaufmann perceive no urgency to implement emergency corrective actions—for the poorest performing County Republican Central Committee in the state.   

Website  http://www.angelfire.com/ky/kentuckydan/HotIssues/index.blog/1473479/guest-submission-choose-to-be-better/

  contains  LCRCC’s high integrity member Athea Cole’s, compelling evidence of  poor LCRCC performance, under Cindy Golding.  Website http://www.angelfire.com/ky/kentuckydan/HotIssues/index.blog/1473694/executive-orders/ contains additional evidence of LCRCC chaos. 

BUT, there is some good news, in response to the Report Cards.   There is now 1 F rather than 2.   Adam Wachholz and Jessie Jordan, from the Iowa GOP, have done some good in their attempt to bail out the floundering LCRCC, and to help run the Feb. 1 Linn County caucus.   

And Iowalive has no significant concerns about Microsoft’s vote reporting system, EXCEPT for volunteer’s training and ability to operate it—and collect and enter accurate vote counts in a timely manner.   The nation will not be patient while waiting for the Iowa caucus vote count!!

Several appreciate the hope Adam’s and Jessie’s expertise brings to the LCRCC, and are volunteering at this desperate time.  As a result, this week’s Report Card has 1 F instead of 2, but still no grade better than a C

Make no mistake about it, the first in the nation Iowa caucus remains in jeopardy. 

The following report card is provided with the committed intention of improving LCRCC performance and keeping the caucus in Iowa!!   It is based on what is known at this time, as well as existence or absence of preparations and plans for a highly successful 2016 caucus.  Other county central committees might find the Report Card useful as well. 

Here are chronic areas of special caucus concern:

·       There is a now 15% shortage of volunteers and 30% shortage of caucus space to run the caucus as smoothly as the 2012 caucus—which was second in the state in reporting the caucus vote count 

·       Presidential candidates in attendance will require a Secret Service check and tight security causing serious disruptions

o   Not enough is being done about this

·       The mess at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel will have gross publicity

o   Reporters will be interviewing upset caucus goers who will vehemently voice all problems they encountered

·       The parking fee poll tax has supposedly been eliminated

·       The publicity the LCRCC chairperson seeks will not be what she gets

o   Golding Ran the Ship Aground, Halleluiah— Golding Ran the Ship Aground, Halleluiah—with Jeff Kaufmann’s help.  And you all know the tune for that one

·       Recent Rising Tide Summit waiting line delays caused by a large crowd

·       Cruz, Trump and others are energizing huge interest and crowds that will overwhelm poorly planned and poorly prepared caucus sites

·       The bottom line remains—too little too late, barring an RPI management miracle in the next week. 


Suitable Preparations and Plans, or the Lack of them, Are Included in Each Grade

This month shows no grade higher than C.

This Report Card will be updated and posted weekly.











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